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Thesis writing: the stumbling stones

If you are still hesitating about buying a custom thesis paper, let us describe you the process you will have to go through to write it yourself.

Here are the parts of the thesis you’ll need to write:

  • A title page

Title page of your thesis should be formatted according to the formatting style and include the following information: title, table of contents, and formal notices (declaration of originality, acknowledgements, etc.).

  • An abstract

An abstract is a short summary that describes the purpose and findings of your thesis and is designed to tell other scholars whether your work is what they have been looking for in the course of their own research.

  • An introduction

Introduction is a vast chapter that includes aims and objectives of the research, context of your work, explanation of the word choice in your title, hypotheses or questions, exclusions, chapter-by-chapter outline, and conventions adopted.

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  • A literature Review

This chapter takes a closer look at other works that you have based your own research upon. They can be reviewed in different orders – historical, topical, etc.

  • A methodology

This chapter is devoted to your research paradigm, context and constraints, the strategy you have selected, research design, etc. In general, this is the explanation of how you did the research to get the results.

  • Findings and discussion

When all the research is done, you can move to describing your findings, interpreting them and evaluating whether your initial hypotheses were correct or whether the questions have been answered correctly. This is the most exciting part in the entire thesis writing process – at least for our writers.

  • A conclusion

Any good paper needs a conclusion, and your thesis is hardly an exception. In your conclusion, you revisit the questions and summarize your answers.

  • Additional parts: References, appendices.

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