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A custom writing company that respects its clients

If you’ve ordered custom writing before, you know how difficult it is to find a good provider. What we find especially annoying is that a lot of companies don’t get one thing: custom writing belongs to the service segment, which means the customer is always right, and his or her wishes must be met and complied in full.

That’s why we do things differently. Once you place an order here, we consider you our most important client. It doesn’t matter if you’ve come to order a short essay or a Ph.D. dissertation, you are always the person who controls the whole process.

There are three principles we stick to when servicing clients:


Every order is precious and has to be delivered in a full compliance with customers’ requirements.


Every order has to be fulfilled when requested, no exceptions. The only time when it is allowed to deliver it late is when the customer has changed order’s requirements and has agreed to extend the deadline.


Like there are no identical people, there are no identical samples. Some companies think it’s OK to resell them. We don’t. You can decide what your paper will look like down to the smallest details like the number of sources or formatting style.

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We’re better than just a cheap essay service!

If you actually try looking for a cheap essay service, you will undoubtedly find it. However, at what cost? Few great things aren’t expensive, including love and friendship but they’re free, not cheap. If you think about excessively cheap goods or services, you’ll see that it’s never a good investment.

The same is fair when it comes to any custom writing company! Of course, you can find a service that will craft academic content at a lower price. However, the quality of such a paper will be below average.

It’s easily explained. No professional writer who respects her own work will cooperate at such a price. So companies resort to writers of the lowest qualification level.

That’s why, instead of looking for online cheap academic essay writers, you should look for a company that will provide a satisfactory price-to-quality ratio.

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Customer protection guarantees: you will be satisfied!

In the 21st century, customers have learned that they have rights and laws protecting them. We adhere to this tendency with our customer protection guarantees that safeguard your interests in 100% of cases. These guarantees are:

  1. All orders are written from scratch. In other words, we don’t resell used samples to new customers.
  2. All customers’ deadlines are met, no matter how urgent.
  3. All customers get a two-week period when they can order a revision free of charge.
  4. All your questions will be answered by our support operators.

That’s how we make sure you are 100% protected against low quality work and the failure to deliver on our part.

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